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British F-35B Begins Weapons Testing in the US

The tests are a step towards full inter-operability between the current force of Typhoon and Tornado GR4s and future fifth-generation jets that will be used by the RAF and the UK’s Royal Navy from 2018.

Navy, Marines Begin RQ-21 Developmental Flight Testing

A little more than two years into its engineering, manufacturing and development phase, the RQ-21A Small Tactical Unmanned Air System (STUAS) entered developmental test...

Pax River F35 Conducts First Weapon Separation Test

The F-35 Lightning II accomplished the first weapon separation test yesterday (August 8, 2012) on a test flight over the Atlantic test range.

New Flight Control Mode Improves F-35C Handling on Landing Approach

Flying approaches for a carrier landing just might be a little easier in the future. The F-35 Integrated Test Force at Patuxent River completed the first dedicated test flight May 4 to evaluate the F-35C Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter’s approach handling characteristics with new flight control laws.

Lockheed Martin Releases F-35 Testing Records

The F-35 program accumulated 114 flight tests and achieved 773 test points this year, representing roughly 10 percent of the System Development and Demonstration (SDD) flight test plan for 2012
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