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    Understanding Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR)

    A comprehensive study on Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) that delves into navigation technologies, countermeasure techniques, their application in the war in Ukraine, A-PNT ECCM techniques, and future trends.

    ASCALON Gun Marks New Milestone in Firing Series

    KNDS recently completed a test firing series with the 140mm ASCALON gun, demonstrating the applicability of the new gun design for current and future main combat systems, including the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS)....

    X-GUARD RT™ – New Towed Decoy from RAFAEL

    RAFAEL announces the launch of the X-Guard RT, the latest addition to its X-Guard family of reusable towed EW decoys for fighter aircraft, cargo planes, early warning and intelligence platforms, patrol aircraft, special missions...

    Elbit Systems Introduces a New Tactical UAS: the Hermes 650 Spark

    Elbit Systems has rolled out the Hermes 650 Spark, the latest addition to its Hermes family of Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS). Spark is designed to be the contemporary successor to the long-serving Hermes 450, aiming to modernize UAS fleets that currently consist of mixed 450/900 models or are exclusively equipped with the 450 variants.

    Protected: WindGuard: the Heartbeat of Active Protection Systems

    WindGuard has proven its compatibility and effectiveness in the field beyond imagination. Its four flat-panel antennae work tirelessly, continuously scanning the battlefield to detect, track, and classify incoming threats in real time. The sensitivity and swift response of the radar is vital in scenarios where threats can appear without warning and from many different directions.