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Satellite Imagery Uncovers New S-300 Sites in Algeria

Following the delivery of the first four batteries of S-300 PMU2 surface to air missiles from Russia, Algeria has begun inducting the systems, partly replacing former S-125 (SA-3) systems. In the following satellite images taken recently by the Eros B spy satellite operated by the geospatial services company ImageSat International, two of the SA-3 sites are seen converted to serve the S-300.

What is really behind Putin’s unprecedented hop to Tehran?

Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert arrived in Moscow Thursday on an abrupt blitz-visit. In reality, however, what exactly was the highlight of Olmert's intercourse...

Antey-2500 (S-300V / SA-12 / SA-23)

Surface to Air Missile System / Almaz The Antey 2500 (S-300V) Mobile Universal Air & Missile Defense System (known by NATO Code Names SA-12) is...

S-300PMU-2 Favorit (SA-10)

The Favorit Surface to Air Missile System, known by its NATO code name Gragoyle, is designed to protect fixed sites against missile and air...
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