This Metal Piece Could Save Your Life!

Today’s armor solutions significantly increase vehicles survivability by preventing objects from penetrating the crew compartment; however, even without perforating the armor, the shockwaves created by the blast are propagating through the frame with deadly effect to the vehicle’s occupants. The human body is not designed to endure the accelerations and shock waves transferred through the rigid vehicle body, especially in the vertical direction (see IED Blast Related Brain Injuries). In order to protect the occupants from such threats, energy absorbing systems are employed to augment the vehicle’s protection, by isolating the crew from the vehicle’s body and floor.

The unique Energy Absorption (EA) technology developed by Mobius PS’ experts is integrated in various blast protection mechanisms employed in modern military vehicles, designed to protect soldiers from mines and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED). When such a vehicle is effected by a mine or IED, the vehicle is exposed to extremely high accelerations caused by the blast and its associated effects, exposing passengers and the crew to accelerations of 250 to 600 g, a level 20 to 30 times beyond the acceleration survivable by the human body. The technology developed by Mobius PS rapidly dissipates the energies transferred by the vehicle in multi-hit scenarios.

A single EA element designed going through drastic deformation through the explosion is responsible for this phenomenal process, effectively taming the violent explosion forces into a human survivable jolt. Unlike other EA techniques that relying on complex assemblies, suspensions and moving parts susceptible to degradation by environmental conditions and corrosion, the Mobius PS EA protects from IEDs mines without compromising on performance, safety, ergonomics and user comfort.

To evaluate durability and survivability, hybrid crash-test dummies are used in drop-tower tests and live blast tests. The evaluation parameter is called DRI (Dynamic Response Index) indicating the probability for injury. According to Brig. General (Ret) David Engel, Mobius Protection Systems innovative technology broke the charts with outstanding results and very low DRI measures. Being very versatile, the technology can be implemented in various platforms for a very wide range of impact input patterns and available space. (charts: Mobius Protection Systems)