Parasight Rocket Launched Observation System


The Parasight G140 Rocket launched, parafoil surveillance system provides low-cost, on-demand surveillance to infantry commanders and special forces. Each Parasight sensor pack unit is packed in a 0.45kg tip attached to the 22cm long, 7.5 cm diameter rocket. The rocket lifts the sensor pack to an altitude of 1,000 – 4,000 above ground. At the rocket’s apogee, the sensor pack separates from the rocket and a parafoil opens, to slow its decent to 3-11 minutes (depending on weather conditions, target location and mission profile) and aim it at the targets of interest. The sensor pack has a Sony View-EX monochromatic video camera, which operates in daylight and at low light level (Lux 0.003), a guidance system, GPS position locator and video data link which transmits the images back to the user. The system is operated by a single operator, by a control station which comprises the sensor controls, communications link, video display and antenna patch.