Multilayer Active Protection System


Manufacture: XADS

The company has also proposed and is engaged in preliminary studies of a multi-layered active protection system that designed to protect convoys, vehicles and buildings from various types of threats, such as snipers, RPGs etc.

The proposed system consists of four layers. The first layer of defense uses the dazzler, consuming less than 1Kw, it can be powered from standard 12 vehicle battery. The dazzler is designed to engage potential threats at the maximum range (within 200 – 500 meters) and disrupt their weapon’s aiming capability. The system will be integrated with a surveillance system that will spot potential threats by employing Gesture Recognition image processing System. (GRS) – since the dazzler is safe and does not have any harmful effects on humans, it will be employed less discriminately, in any instance where potential threats are detected. (such as against stone throwers).

The second layer of defense consists of directional, laser-assisted electric pulsed effect. The system uses UV laser which ionizes the air to enable effective conduction of the electrical pulse to a range of up to 30 – 100 meters. The pulse will disrupt the electronic elements of the incoming missile and could also trigger it to explode immaturely. The third layer of defense will consist of a “burning laser”, a high power (1.5 – 3KW) IR laser, which will focus on the vulnerable elements of the incoming threat (ogive, fins etc). The fourth and last layer of defense is the Kinetic Resonance Energy Weapon (KREW) – hydrogen powered vortex cannon which generates directional shockwaves at the direction of the threat. This vortex cannon  will be used any threat that penetrated through the outer layers, deflect missiles or stop shrapnel from hitting the protected site.