Precision Strike Systems


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Modern weapon systems rely on several guidance techniques. Laser guidance is the most mature concept which offers the highest relative accuracy at lowest cost. Several laser guidance methods are utilized, each offers different advantages. For missile guidance, proportional guidance is the most effective, as it provides the highest accuracy in fixed and moving target engagement. The laser sensor is placed on gimbals at the tip of the weapon. The sensor detects the reflections of coded laser beams generated by the target designator. Target illumination can be provided by the engaging platform (the tank, helicopter or aircraft which fired the missile) or by a remote designator (a ground team, scout/recce vehicle, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or supporting aircraft).

Following is a list of weapons regularly covered by Defense Update

Long Range / Cruise Missiles

Medium range
Medium range / Loitering:
Short range
Extended range Ground A/T-Multi-Purpose
UAV Weapons/submunitions
Precision Guided Artillery/Mortar Munitions

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