Orbiter Miniature Aerial vehicle

The Orbiter - from Aeronautics

Orbiter Micro UAV is under development at Aeronautics Defense Systems in Israel. With a maximum takeoff weight of 6.5 kg the flying-wing shaped Orbiter can carry a payload of 1.2kg weight at an altitude of up to 10,000 feet, flying a mission of up to 90 minutes at 500 – 2,000 feet above ground level. Orbiter is designed for simple and easy operation by a single operator. It is autonomous throughout its mission including during launch and recovery, and therefore requires minimal training for operation or support.

Photo: Aeronautics Defense Systems

Orbiter is equipped with an electro-optical color payload, fitted with CCD sensor with x10 optical zoom for daylight operations. An optional nigh sensor uses low-light level camera. The weight of the D-STAMP daylight payload is 650 gr. A night capable payload is also in development – it will weigh 0.98 kg.

With a low acoustic signature, Orbiter is optimized for silent operation even at very low level. Equipped with an advanced avionic package, GPS and inertial navigation system (INS) and datalink system, Orbiter provides real-time transmission of imagery from up to 15 km. The Orbiter length is 1 meter and its span is 2.2 meters.

Photo: Aeronautics Defense Systems

January 2010: After the Russian military has ordered Israeli drones last year, the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) is negotiating with Israel for the sale of another short-range UAV system – the Orbiter electrically powered miniUAV. The systems are produced by Aeronautics Defense Systems and are currently operated with a number of military forces, including the Polish, Irish, Serbian and Azerbaijan armies and the Mexican police. The value of the current program has not been published. The UAVs are required to enhance the control and security along the Russian the southern border in the Caucasus.