Red-Sky 2 Short Range Air Defense System

Photo: Noam Eshel, Defense-Update

Israel Military Industries’ Red-Sky 2 SHORAD system is a modular, integrated sensor and Man Portable Air Defense (MANPAD) missile system. The system provides passive 24 hour surveillance, automatic alert generation and weapon cueing to designated targets, supporting optimizes firing decisions. Red Sky extends the capabilities of existing MANPAD systems, which are currently limited by the capabilities of the human operator. For example, Strela (SA-7) and Igla (SA-16/18) missiles can engage targets beyond 5 km, but are usually fired only at a range of 1.5-2 km, where the operator can safely identify the target and perform all pre-launch functions. Red Sky provides target detection and identification at the missile’s effective range. The system is designed to integrate with different types of missile systems, including American (Stinger) and Russian (Strela, Igla, SA-7, 14, 16, 18 etc.) and their indigenous derivatives, available in many countries (Poland, China etc.) The system enables unrestricted operation of such missiles under adverse weather conditions, as well as in restricted visibility conditions such as in mountainous terrain, or urban environment.

Photo: Noam Eshel, Defense-Update

Utilizing an Infra-Red Scanner (IRS), Red Sky can automatically detect and track multiple targets, while a separate FLIR, installed on the track and launch (TL) unit is used to engage selected targets. The Command, control and communications (C3) unit is packed in a light weight mobile system. The compact system is designed for a single operator, assisted by two persons for setup. The system can be transported by helicopters and light ground vehicles.

The IRS utilizes an IR scanner developed by Controp, equipped with the new Fox Flir. This system uses two fields of view – a wide field of view (WFOV) camera which provides continuous, passive day/night coverage of wide field of regard. This FLIR provides the operator with real-time panoramic view of the protected hemisphere. The individual images generated by the panoramic view are processed in real-time, with target detection and tracking algorithms. This information provides the initial situational display presented by for the operator. The C3 unit is based on a ruggedized PC, which process and displays the incoming video signals, to automatically detect and engage aerial intrusions. Once a specific threat is selected for engagement, the TL is automatically slewed toward the threat, where the TL mounted FLIR can acquire the target in its wide FOV. The operator can use the narrow FOV for identification and get accurate range measurement by a laser rangefinder. These systems enable the operator to engage the target effectively at the missile’s maximum range.

IMI developed Red Sky system in response to specific customer requirements, integrating operationally proven systems such as Stinger or Strela missiles, ruggedized PCs, FLIRs and pedestals, developed by Controp Precision Technology.