Maneuver Control System (MCS)


The MCS system provides the primary tactical planning tool for the brigade. Supported by graphics decision support tools, which including digital maps, aerial or satellite photos, dynamic 3D “flyover” view of the battlespace, and mobility analysis of the terrain, map overlays with intelligence and battle resources by unit. Commanders can quickly and clearly analyze different courses of action and take decisions based on thorough analysis of up-to-date situational assessment, various maneuver schemes, doctrine, and changes encountered during the course of action. Once detailed plan is determined, the MCS prepare and send warning, operations orders, and related annexes. During the mission, the system provides automatic updates of friendly/enemy unit movement locations and battlefield geometry. As all information is maintained on the database, re-tasking of units is rapid and flexible. As an integrated part of the battle command systems, MCS receives information from external sources and updates those sources within predetermined operational plans. Such sources include intelligence, fire support, supply status and air operations requests. To simplify its operation, the system uses commercial office applications to generate reports, and display images, charts and graphs.

Advanced configuration MCS (Block III and IV) support Command Post Of the Future (CPOF), including interactive whiteboard planning, and wargames simulation, for planning assessment and course of action analysis, audio and video annotation for selected map “snapshots”, can be used during briefing and situational reports.