A multi-purpose, day and night capable target acquisition sight and fire control unit, Viper is designed for light infantry weapons and rocket launchers. The system is based on the MPRS unit, developed for the IMI Refaim program.

Viper weighs about one kilogram and is attached to the weapon over a standard Picatinny rail integrates an x1 optical (red dot) sight with data and symbols overlay, laser rangefinder, tilt and roll sensor (inclinometer) and a powerful processor. The basic Viper facilitates accurate aiming and firing of direct or indirect fire (airburst munitions for example) by the use of accurate range measuring and processing of aim-point ballistic compensation.

Supporting bi-directional communications with the detonation fuse and automatic fuse programming of intelligent munitions, Viper facilitates various detonation modes including airburst, through window (detonation delay) or point impact. Scores of optional devices including dual wavelength laser pointer, digital compass and GPS, integrated video CCD camera, wireless data and video communications, communications relay, dual wavelength laser pointer, and more. Such add-ons enable “around the corner” viewing capability, using an eyepiece or PDA to project the line of sight view. Wireless communications enables C4I features such as orientation and guidance towards targets, and video relay within the squad and further back.