Multipurpose Aiming Reflex Sight – MARS


Multipurpose Aiming Reflex Sight (MARS) is used as a standard sight on the IDF Tavor assault rifle. MARS projects a circular 0.3 mrad reticle at the line of fire. The dot brightness is adjusted automatically over a wide dynamic range (1:10,000). In addition, MARS uses a red-dot laser aiming light. Both can be seen with both eyes open, through the large eye-box designed for optimal visibility under difficult day or night conditions.

ITL also introduced the Raptor, a small form factor, low-silhouette mini-reflex sight. Raptor is equipped with a motion activated “always ready to fire” mechanism that eliminates the need for manual turn-on and off operation while minimizing energy consumption. The day and night capable sight is mounted on a standard Picatinny rail, and can be augmented with x3 telescope, without zeroing, for extended range operations. The sight is powered by a single 1.5V AA battery.