CEU – Concealed Engagement Unit from Aimpoint


Concealed Engagement Unit (CEU) accessory from Aimpoint enables converting every weapon equipped with an Aimpoint sight to enable firing around a corner or from behind an obstacle. CEU switches from side to side, so an operator can safely look around either right or left hand corners. It can be quickly flipped out of the way in either direction to rapidly return to direct engagement. Since CEU does not affect the weapon’s point of impact, the unit can be passed from one operator to another as long as both weapons are outfitted with the proper interface. “CEU turns an operator’s standard weapon into a scouting tool allowing him to look over walls or around corners without exposing to enemy fires.
CEU was developed by DSTO defense research establishment in Australia and Aimpoint has worldwide exclusive rights to produce and sell the system outside Australia.

Aimpoint has introduced its red-dot sight at the core of a new “system of systems” approach, supplementing it with various accessories such as the 3xMag image magnifier and night vision device in addition to the CEU.