FAMAS for FELIN – Assault Rifle Upgrades the FELIN Combat Suit


Retrofitting the FAMAS assault rifle for FELIN include the installation of a front handle, ensuring the weapon can be handled effectively in all firing positions, especially when a bipod cannot be used. This handle enables a firm grip of the rifle when employing it to observe and engage targets in an indirect mode – around corners or behind cover.

The camera view can be displayed onthe helmet mounted eyepiece (below) or a hand-held display (left). Remote controls for the weapon’s sights and radio ‘push to talk’ buttons are mounted on the handle.

Each button has distinctive dexterity and form, enabling safe and intuitive operation in the dark. With the addition of day/night sight, FAMAS becomes an effective observation device, which enables the warfighter to simultaneously observe, capture images and video sequences, acquire targets and engage them while employing the radio, and maintaining constant line of sight with the target.

Modifications also replaced the weapon’s top and iron sights with a Picatinny rail, mounting a new sight with an advanced thermal observation and sighting device, fitted with a holographic daylight sight for daylight operation and instinctive aiming. The weapon also received a new bayonet.