TOUTATIS Remotely Controlled Turret System


GIAT is developing the TOUTATIS 40mm remotely-controlled turret demonstrator designed for integration in current or future combat vehicles (EBRC and FRES are currently considered for this design). The system utilizes the CDI 40mm automatic, Case Telescopic Weapon System (CTWS) firing at a maximum rate of 200 rounds per minute.

TOUTATIS uses electrical traverse and elevation, and is fully stabilized in traverse and elevation, providing a traverse rate of 0.6 rad/sec. and elevation of -10 +45 at the same rate. The turret weighs less than 1.5 ton and has Level 3 protection. It is equipped with 68 automatically loaded CT ammunition.

The system uses a panoramic gunner’s sight with 3rd GEN thermal imager, and an independent commander’s sight, to offer 95% hit probability at a stationary target sized 2.3×2.3 meters (+80% probability against moving target), with a first three rounds burst. TOUTATIS is designed to “drop-into” existing 1.20 meter diameter turret rings.