Trojan – Mine Protected Armored vehicle


This vehicle is designed to enable army patrols and intervention forces to enter “hot areas” under fire, rapidly detect enemy positions, and engage the enemy from under armor protection. According to sources at OFB the Trojan production line has been expanded to accommodate new orders from the Indian Army as well as orders from the new Iraqi Army.

The latest version of the Trojan mine protected vehicle was demonstrated at Defexpo 2006 equipped with a remotely controlled weapon station that is also designed by OFB, and is based on the IMI SRWS design. The 3 meter high vehicle was designed with a V shaped hull to deflect mine blasts. It weighs 11 tons and can carry a payload of 1,400 kg. The normal crew is two and it can carry up to 10 passengers with a range of 1,000 km. With a ground clearance of 30 cm, it can travel on and off road at an average speed of 50 km/h. The top speed is 85 km/h. The vehicles currently in production are for use by Indian counter-insurgency forces and border patrols. There is a smaller six ton version can carry 8 passengers plus the crew of 2.