IC4U Soldier System


Orlikon Contraves IC4U (Interconnected C4 Unit) is a soldier system which can integrate into BMC4I networks, sensors and weapon systems. The system delivers situational and context awareness in a transparent fashion, using Orlikon Contraves Tactical Military Internet (TMI) and BMS software. The system displays a common operating picture, indicating the positions of friendly forces, enemy, and terrain features, depicted on a tactical map, and navigational cues, based on positioning information derived from the soldier’s GPS and inertial system. Navigational delivers live video, voice and data exchanged by soldiers and commanders over the TMI using the Soldier Data Radios.

The system performs automatic network awareness enabling ad-hoc networking with as self-organizing and self-healing capabilities, thus requiring no operator intervention. Physiological sensors can be added to monitor the soldier’s physical condition (pulse, respiration, oxygen consumption etc.) The IC4U system is based on open commercial standards, including Linux operating systems and internet protocol (IP), 2.4 GHz wi-fi compatible wireless LAN communications. The system uses a day/night camera, and SVGA sun readable eyepiece display with a wide field of view. Voice communications is voice operated, utilizing voice recognition commands, (eliminating the keypad). Located at the lower back, a wearable computer driven by a 400MHz processor is used, powered by a side mounted rechargeable li-ion battery pouch.