Trajectory Correction System for Artillery Rockets


Developed to address user requirements for improved accuracy, IMI has developed and successfully deployed a Trajectory Correction System (TCS) that enhances the accuracy of free flight artillery rockets to exceed that of tube artillery. TCS is an operational solution currently available for IMI’s LAR160 mm rockets and 227 mm MLRS rockets, the TCS can also be tailored for use with other rocket systems. Developed under cooperation with Elisra, TCS has successfully demonstrated its full system’s capability during an operational test firing conducted by the IDF Field Artillery Corps. During the test, the system’s capability to handle multiple targets simultaneously by 12 rockets was demonstrated. The system simultaneously controls 12 rockets in the air, increasing engagement potential while reducing the number of rockets required per target. IMI is also developing a simpler GPS/INS guidance system applicable for artillery rockets, artillery shells and mortar bombs. This system will be utilizing IMI’s Pure-Heart Differential GPS (DGPS) guidance system, enabling the engagement of targets with very high precision.

Technological improvements are being applied to the launch platform, enabling higher levels of mobility, autonomy and precision. IMI’s new Lynx multiple rocket launcher can be configured to carry a variety of artillery rockets, including GRAD, LAR, and EXTRA rockets as well as Delilah-GL precision attack missile. The vehicle carries 20 rockets in sealed canister/launchers which automatically identified by the vehicle’s fire control, to set firing properties accordingly. The high mobility vehicle can easily mobilize over road or rough terrain. The vehicle uses an accurate navigation system enabling rapid set-up of firing position and position change, to minimize the risk of counter-battery fire. On-board communications and computing equipment enable the vehicle to operate autonomously, or as an element in a net-centric scheme, either passively or as an integrated element within larger artillery formations.