PILAR – Acoustic Small-Arms Locator


Pilar, is a small-arms and sniper location system. Pilar has proven itself in combat since the conflicts in Bosnia and Kosovo. The system is currently developed with US Special forces, Australian Army and most UN peacekeeping missions. Pilar consists of a foldable Acoustic Sensor Array with embedded sensors and electronics, a signal processor and laptop based operating console, running the ShotGuard– operating software.

 The system is available in a stationary or mobile installation – defined primarily by the specialized settings – including background noise reduction for vehicle-mounted applications. Pilar–Mk-II, stationary device locates the origin of the shot within ±2° in bearing and a typical ±20% in range (The system provides range accuracy of ±50m in short range encounters.) The maximum detection range can extend beyond 1,500m.

Pilar’s localization is performed on the supersonic signature of the passing bullet, resulting in an extended detection range, above the effective range of most threats. When linked to a Pilar Versatile Observation Turret (PIVOT), the system uses the target data to automatically point a camera and show the sniper position.

01dB-Metravib introduced at Eurosatory 2006 the Pilar Mk-IIw a new gunshot detection system designed for vehicular integration. The new system is remotely-controlled and is integrated with displays and other equipment already available on-board the vehicle. For dismounted operation, the system can also be configured to operate with PDA controller. PILARw has been certified by the US Special Operations Command (SOCOM) as Gunshot Detection System (GDS).

A different variant now available is a battledress worn acoustic gunfire detector. Developed as a demonstrator by 01dB-Metravib, this unit supports warfighters in dismounted, close combat and on foot patrols, with fully passive, instant location of potentially hostile shooters, with 360 deg. coverage. The system uses distributed acoustic sensors worn as part of the soldier’s battledress. The system provides a broad coverage of weapon’s acoustic sources, detecting and processing both subsonic and supersonic signals generated by 5.56 through 20mm caliber shots with or without silencer as well as RPGs, mortars and anti-tank missile. Target’s azimuth, elevation and range are generated within two seconds after the detection of the event.