Defexpo 2006 – Asymmetric Warfare


OFB introduced the Zittara, a compact assault rifle designed specifically for close quarter battle. The Zittara multi-purpose carbine is generally based on Israel’s IWI Micro Tavor assault rifle, which was designed for use by special operations units and is being proposed as the standard weapon for Israel’s intervention and special ops forces. The OFB Zittara differs from the Israeli design by allowing the use of three different configurations and ammunition types for different situations – a carbine (firing 5.56×30 ammunition), an assault rifle (firing 5.56x45mm) or a submachine-gun firing 9x19mm rounds with accuracy of up to 200 meters. These conversions can be performed in the field with standard tools.

RAFAEL unveiled the new MPFC, a weapon that can fire an explosive charge through a 20cm reinforced concrete wall. Use of this type of weapon eliminate A threat inside buildings without requiring forced entry by troops. The design of the charge is also intended to restrict collateral damage by confining blast effects to the targeted room. Weighing only a few kilograms, this expendable weapon can be placed near the wall which offers optimal penetration. It is activated from a safe distance by remote control.

Vectra Advanced Engineering also demonstrated Scorpio, an unmanned robotic vehicle designed to assist with investigation and inspections of suspicious objects. The Indian Defense Research and Development Organization displayed several robotic vehicles, including a range of remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) designed for use by bomb disposal units of the armed forces and police. These vehicles utilize control systems developed by the Israeli company InRob, which also supplies the “brain” for a new remotely controlled weapon station that has been jointly developed by IMI and OFB. Several types of IED jammers were displayed, including the EJAB series from Elisra and a family of RF jammers from Netline.

Various dismounted infantry combat suites were displayed. The US Army gave presentations on some of the new developments in the Future Force Warrior (FFW) program, including the newly designed helmet and combat vest. Finmeccanica, with some of its subsidiaries, displayed some of the components of Soldato Futuro, the Italian Dismounted Soldier program, including the 5.56mm weapon from Beretta, wearable computer, display and sight, communications gear etc.

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