Micro Tavor


Israel’s Weapons Industries (IWI)

Micro Tavor (MTAR 21) is based on the IWI Tavor Assault Rifle, yet this small weapon is tailored for the Special Forces market. Its compact dimensions make this weapon a perfect match for drivers and tank crews. MTAR was developed in close cooperation with special operations units and is tailored to their specific requirements and needs.

With length of only 59 cm MTAR21 is considered to be the shortest 5.56mm weapon in the market yet its barrel is only five centimeter short of the assault rifle version, thus offering accurate fire at contingencies. Utilizing a conversion kit, MTAR 21 can be turned into a 9mm sub-machinegun loaded with 25 rounds magazines. This capability has significant logistical, training and operational advantages for special operations and SWAT units, which usually maintain two dedicated weapons for short and medium range operations.

The Indian version of Micro-Tavor, called Zittara, is designed by the India’s Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) for use by India’s special operations units. Zittara differs from the Israeli Micro-Tavor by allowing the use of three different configurations and ammunition types for different situations – a carbine (firing 5.56×30 ammunition), an assault rifle (firing 5.56x45mm) and submachine-gun firing 9x19mm rounds with accuracy of up to 200 meters. These conversions can be performed in the field with standard tools.

Standard Tavor accessories are also applicable for the MTAR platform. However, this weapon has built-in Mil-Std 1913 (Picatinny) accessory mounting rails without the need for bulky adapters. Micro Tavor uses an integral silencer for the 9mm barrel, which, unlike add-on silencers, does not add to the weapon’s length.