SlowFast Tactical Drone Tactical ISTAR UAV


Based on the Moyen Duc demonstrator, Dassault Aviation and Sagem are jointly developing a concept of a new stealthy tactical drone which will be able to penetrate hostile airspace at high speed and loiter over targets undetected, collecting real-time information.

This versatile vehicle will be designed for two optimal performances at high speed (in excess of Mach 1.6) and fast climb, to comply with airspace management constraints, and relatively low-speed (around 120 kt), long endurance flight profiles. Speed will be adapted to the mission requirements and sensors, to enable high performance on fast reconnaissance missions. Its flexibility will allow reaching the target within minimal time to carry out selective surveillance tasks at speeds in line with the sensor’s acquisition capabilities, including pursuit of time sensitive targets and battle damage assessment.

The aircraft will be powered by a two jet engines, and maintain a gross takeoff weight of 500 kg. Planned mission endurance will be 3 – 4 hours. The vehicle is expected to be used with the French Army at corps and division level. It will utilize common ground elements, also used by Sperwer UAVs.