Quadeye – Panoramic Night Vision Device


Quadeye panoramic night vision system is developed by Kollsman, an Elbit Systems of America company. The system provides a panoramic night vision goggles (PNVG) covering a central 40 deg. Binocular field of view plus monocular vision of an additional 30 degrees to either side.

The extended view is similar to the normal eye’s peripheral vision and reduces the need and degree to which panning the head is needed when wearing goggles. Quadeye incorporates four 16 mm I2R, selectable by the user to show either the inner two or the whole panoramic channel of four. The display also uses projected HUD symbology from the helicopter’s avionics or targeting system and has a built-in HUD camera for mission recording and debriefing. A four channel Quadeye adds 13 ounces (370 gram) to existing ANVIS/HUD assembly and can be attached to any ANVIS suitable helmet.