DragonSkin Body Armor


Dragon Skin lightweight ergonomic armor developed by Pinnacle Armor is used for concealed and body armor vests such as the SOV 2000 or 3000 suite. DragonSkin utilizes flexible armor made up of bullet proof ceramic ‘leaves’, creating a flexible layer shaped like fish scales. This thin, lightweight armor flexes and molds to the contours of the body and allows for about 44% greater coverage than a rigid 10″ x 12″ ESAPI plate which is the typical coverage offered in teh IBA.

The increasing threat to US warfighters in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the commercial availability of personal armor protection systems on the open market, increased the demand for such products in the US market, raising the concern of the US Army to the vulnerability of deployed troops trusting their lives in such ‘private initiatives’.

One system that caught the most attention, particularly after a recent NBC investigative report, is the ‘Dragon Skin’ armor, developed by Pinnacle Armor, which, according to the US Army, was used by some soldiers in lieu of their issued Interceptor Body Armor (IBA).

Although being involved in the development of the Dragon Skin and the different technology it employs, the Army indicated that in its current state of development, its capabilities do not meet their requirements and therefore demanded the removal of all unauthorized body armor.

While the US Army flatly rejected the new system, DragonSkin SOV body armor is currently in use with US Special Forces, Police Tactical Teams and is apporved by foreign militaries. The latest version, SOV 2000 is offered in Level III, IV and even Level V protection, defeating most types of 7.62 and 5.56 AP ammunition. Pinnacle Armor is offering the SOV 2000 Dragon Skin in various configurations, tailored for specific requirements, including modular pocket systems or modular pouches attached with common “alice style” clips for vests utilizing the alice web system.

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