BAE Systems Unveil Vehicle Power Management System


BAE Systems has developed a prototype advanced power management system designed to provide military tactical wheeled vehicles with substantial capacity to generate electric power, addressing a critical warfighter need. When installed in a standard HMMWV the new power system delivers sufficient electricity to operate electronic mission systems on board combat vehicles, including subsystems such as electronic warfare, situational awareness, communications, and vehicle prognostics and diagnostics, eliminating the need to operate dedicated generators to power the mission equipment.

Using a permanent-magnet generator, the system delivers up to 400 amps of 28-volt DC electric power at low engine speed. Its primary purpose is to provide enough on-board power to operate significant self-defense, weapon, countermeasures, and route-clearing systems. Additionally, it provides power for electrified automotive accessory systems (water pump, engine fans, power steering pump and, in the future, air conditioning) that previously were belt-driven. The system produces 400 of 28-volt DC power across the entire engine operating range, and 30kW of optional 208-volt power at higher engine speeds.