U-ADD Completes First Test Flight


Textron Systems Universal Aerial Delivery Dispenser (U-ADD) guided dispenser was flown through a full mission for the first time during a demonstration held by the US Air force UAV Battlelab in October 2006. U-ADD was controlled throughout its flight by the GuideStar flight control system, developed by Athena Technologies. Upon reaching the designated delivery latitude, longitude and altitude position, the guided dispenser deployed a 64-lb BLU-108 Sensor Fuzed submunition. The inert BLU-108 deployed its drogue and main parachute as intended over the target area. As part of a first phase program, Athena provided guidance and control of the U-ADD with its GuideStar 111m – a miniaturized (0.5 pound) integrated flight control and navigation software and hardware solution. A U-ADD Product Improvement activity will be ongoing starting in 2007 with the US Air Force’s UAV Battlelab, Creech AFB, NV.