India Floats Self Propelled Artillery Tenders


Last week India’s Telegraph newspaper reported that the Defense Ministry of India issued two tenders for the supply of 155/52 caliber artillery systems, both truck mounted and self propelled guns (SPG).

The new programs are expected to include the familiar bidders – BAE Systems (Bofors) from Sweden and Soltam from Israel, as well as several newcomers, including K-9 of South Korea and, most probably, BAE Systems offering the Paladin M109 for the SP version. Denel of South Africa has been excluded from the bid.

Another bidder expected to appear is Kerametal of Slovakia, (a division of Rheinmetall), offering its Zuzana howitzer. The Indian army is planning to buy 180 SPGs. For the wheeled gun program, India is interested in buying up to 220 systems and is expected to consider the FH-77B from Bofors, Atmos 2000 from Soltam and Caesar from Nexter (formerly Giat).