JAMMA is Ready to Ride with the Osprey

the JAMMA vehicle configured as an all terrain MEDEVAC vehicle. Photo: Force protection Inc.

This light vehicle is an armor-ready hybrid vehicle, designed to transport four-occupant, designed for off-road mobility, and is transportable inside the V-22 Osprey helicopter. The vehicle is designed with power reserves providing excellent off-road and on-road performance, plus payload reserves for applying armor protection when required. The vehicle can perform reconnaissance, rescue/recovery, medevac and mobile security missions.

A utility transport version of the JAMMA, demonstrating off-road mobility. Photo: Force Protection Inc.

Ft. Lauderdale, FL – february 24, 2010: Force Protection Inc. has launched today the Joint All-Terrain Modular Mobility Asset (JAMMA) all-terrain Internally Transported Vehicle (ITV) at the AUSA Winter convention in Florida.

JAMMA satisfies the requirements of special operations user groups. It has optimized rollover protection and an attachment system that can be fitted with threat-specific armor to be easily attached or removed in virtually any environment. The vehicle includes stadium seating that protects the driver while allowing 360-degree return fire.

JAMMA all-terrain vehicle configured as an all-terrain MEDEVAC vehicle. Photo: Force Protection Inc.

“We believe there is an ongoing need for our U.S. troops and allied forces to have access to lighter, highly mobile vehicles,” said Michael Moody, Chairman and CEO of Force Protection, Inc. “The JAMMA vehicle has been designed from the ground up to be the new standard in light tactical vehicles and its light weight, high strength structure provides a wealth of multi-role mission configurations for its end-users. The JAMMA represents a different type of survivability solution focused on speed, mobility and concealment.”

Originally developed by North Hollywood based TAC-V corporation, the JAMMA family of vehicles claim to offer new performance levels over existing armored, all-terrain vehicles. The JAMMA platform was designed from the beginning as an internally transportable vehicle. The vehicle was developed to fit the unique dimensions of the and offer the Special Operations user an armor ready, four occupant, hybrid powered, high performance off road vehicle, capable of being internally transported inside that aircraft. The vehicle uses a unique rollover protection and modular, threat-specific reconfigurable armor adaptable to specific mission – reconnaissance, rescue/recovery, medevac or mobile security. The driver’s seat is designed to maintain optimal protection to the driver while maintaining the fire arcs of the other vehicle occupants. The arc also optimizes occupant roll-over protection with full fields of fire on the move.

the JAMMA vehicle configured as an all terrain MEDEVAC vehicle. Photo: Force protection Inc.

This vehicle offers enhanced off-road performance and load carrying capabilities. At a Gross Vehicle Weight of 7,500 pounds JAMMA can carry 3,000 lbs of Payload. The four wheel drive vehicle is equipped with 6 cylinder turbo diesel engine, or, with a hybrid driveline developing a combined power of 314 hp, accelerating the fully loaded vehicle to a speed of 90 mph on highway. The hybrid propulsion also optimizes the vehicle’s fuel consumption maintaining fuel efficiency of 21 miles per gallon extending maximum road range to 450 miles. The hybrid engine optimizes vehicle efficiency and generates 22kW of continuous exportable power.

JAMMA is measures for internal transportation inside the V-22 Osprey. Photos: Force protection Inc.