Global Link – Empowering Airborne Net-Centric Operations


At Aero-India 2011 Israel’s Rafael Advances Defense Systems is presenting the latest Network Centric Warfare solutions for aerospace applications, highlighting the ‘Global Link’ – a mature, operational solution providing integrated, airborne voice and data communication and applications suite designed for modern air forces Net work Centric Operations (NCO). Global Link provides air forces network-based operation an essential, robust and reliable platform to realize advanced NCO solutions.

The Global Link consists of matured multi band multi services communication system comprising the NETwork Centric Operation Radio (NETCOR) an NCO applications suite. The system provides full connectivity between sensors, platforms, command centers and weapon systems. At its booth RAFAEL is demonstrating three of the Global-Link system radios including the GVDL, DGL and NETCOR. The Global Link Voic-Data Link (GVDL) – enhanced airborne network-based voice and data radio operating at the V/UHF bands. GVDL is designed to operate as an advanced multi channel radio maintaining constant, low delay transfer suitable for voice communications in addition to high data-rate communications, maintaining balanced, uninterrupted performance for voice quality and instantaneous data transfer capacity.

Our Sponsor: RAFAEL

The GVDL operates simultaneous multi-voice channels supporting advance services such as conference call between the net members, two way voice conversations (duplex) without any performance degradation. Voice communications also supports ad-hoc networking, enabling the formation of None Line Of sight (NLOS) communication, or extending voice communications coverage over extremely long range.

The Global-Link Data-Link (GDL) advanced, high-capacity data network radio operating at the L band. Both the GVDL and the GDL have advanced self forming and self healing multi-hop data networking.

Advanced Quality of Service (QoS), optimizing communication services for specific application needs or user level, are also supported. Such services include maintaining low delay for high priority messages or guaranteed delivery for very long messages or file transfer.

The Global-Link radios are designed as Software Defined Radios (SDR) implementing multi Wave Forms simultaneously. This capability allows future growth of the system capabilities without any hardware or installation changes.

The hardware is provided in relatively small size (1/2 ATR) conforming to standard interfaces, enabling simple integration on every platform, by replacing existing analog radios.

RAFAEL provides similar networking technologies for ground to air, naval, and ground applications, The C4I Connect, comprising Radio over IP technology facilitates an integrated communications between command and control centers, air defense assets and airborne elements, transferring voice over high bandwidth fiber-optic network. C4I Connect enables air controllers to synchronize and integrate communications into the air situation picture.