Controp Optimizes Stabilized EO Systems for Mast Mounted Vehicular Applications

MEOS from Controp combines the capabilities of other Controp the wide area surveillance system CEDAR, with more powerful FLIR and

At Aero-India 2011 Controp is introducing two new stabilized EO systems, optimized for vehicular platforms. The new, remotely controlled, gyro-stabilized Modular Electro-Optical System (MEOS). The system employs an open architecture similar to Controp’s CEDAR product line, yet MEOS also features a two-axis gyro-stabilized platform, enabling installation on vehicular platforms, as well as elevated mast mounting. The system employs day and night imaging devices integrating CCD daylight sensor, Infrared night imager and a laser rangefinder.

MEOS from Controp combines the capabilities of  stationary, wide area surveillance system like CEDAR, with a stabilized platform enabling mounting of the system on a moving vehicle. Photo: Controp


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On panoramic or sector scanning the system automatically follows a scanning pattern, effectively detecting intruders into the protected sector by establishing a ‘virtual fence’. The system is controlled by a scanning. The system operates passively and is able to handle multiple targets simultaneously, performing intruder detection and recognition while scanning, followed by intruder identification, in observation mode.

 SPEED V is a stabilized multi-sensor payload optimized for mobile-mast mounted platforms. Photo: Controp

Another new vehicle-oriented surveillance product launched here is the Speed V stabilized EO/IR observation and panoramic scanner, developed specifically for vehicular applications. This lightweight (24kg) EO/IR gyro-stabilized system provides long range observation, deployed on vehicular mounted telescopic masts. It is designed for intelligence gathering missions, as well security and early warning, conducting panoramic scanning for intruder detection and troop protection.

The Speed-V combines capabilities, technologies and expertise gained from Controp’s Spider systems and the lightweight Speed-A Aerostat Camera System, making Speed-V the optimal lightweight, high performance stabilized EO/IR camera system for mounting on vehicle masts for long range mobile applications. Applications for the SPEED-V include mobile security missions, mobile coastal and border surveillance, ground troops security, force protection and more.

Controp Precision Technologies, an Electro-Optics specialist from Israel is launching at Aero-India 2011 miniature, gyro-stabilized, high-definition EO payload designed for small and mini-UAVs. Designated HDSTAMP, this miniature gimbaled payload is fitted with daylight High Definition CCD sensor extending standard SUAV missions to new applications including surveying power lines, and other requirements where high definition images are required.

The company also expanded the family of STAMP stabilized mini-payloads, which already includes the D-STAMP daylight payload, U-Stamp (using an uncooled thermal sensor) and U-STAMP Z, utilizing a FLIR zoom mechanism, packed into a miniature 1.3kg payload. These configurations were recently selected for Israel’s new ‘Skyrider’ mini-UAV program. Two new sensors are also available with the STAMP family – the U-Stamp Z, fitted with thermal imager coupled with continuous zoom and the lighter U-STAMP DF, featuring a similar thermal imager with dual field of view configuration (11º – 32º). Almost all STAMP configurations (except U-STAMP-Z) are available at weights below 1,000 gram.