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  • ASCALON Gun Marks New Milestone in Firing Series Jun 10, 2024ASCALON Gun Marks New Milestone in Firing Series
    KNDS recently completed a test firing series with the 140mm ASCALON gun, demonstrating the applicability of the new gun design for current and future main combat systems, including the Main Ground Combat System (MGCS). During the tests series company personnel demonstrated an easy and quick gun caliber change, replacing a 120mm barrel with the 140mm in less than one hour. KNDS presents the ASCALON cannon and its ammunition as a mature solution n. The three-year firing campaign that began in May 2024 has shown the excellent capacities of the ASCALON in the 140 and 120mm barrels, as well as its APFSDS rounds maturity. SInce it began, the system was fired several hundreds of times from gun mounts in 120 and 140mm barrels. These tests are scheduled to continue through 2025. The next important step is firing tests from a Main Battle Tank (MBT) in 2025. ASCALON delivers performance levels that current technologies do not offer while offering a significant growth potential. The system KNDS designed ASCALON with an open architecture to serve as a basis for cooperative development of a combat gun platform within the framework of the Franco-German MGCS program, laying the foundations for the future standard of European tank gun and ammunition.
  • Kongsberg Teams with MBDA, Diehl to Develop a Supersonic Anti-Ship Missile May 13, 2024Kongsberg Teams with MBDA, Diehl to Develop a Supersonic Anti-Ship Missile
    Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace teams with German partners Diehl Defence and MBDA Deutschland to develop the Tyrfing, an advanced Super-Sonic Strike Missile (3SM). The new missile is expected to replace the Naval Strike Missile deployed on Norwegian naval vessels beginning in 2035. Induction with the German Navy is expected to follow. The project became a collaborative program in 2021, with public endorsement by the two governments. Germany is expected to announce its plans of commissioning the new missile this year. Kongsberg’s teaming with two German companies seems to be a step in this direction. The Norwegian government announced this initiative in November 2023, and the industry team essential for the success of this project has now entered a partnership agreement. “I am so impressed with this team’s depth and capabilities. I look forward to cooperating with Diehl and MBDA Deutschland and combining our teams’ knowledge and expertise to develop 3SM for both nations,” said Eirik Lie, President of Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace. This partnership, led by KONGSBERG, combines the strengths of the three companies and brings together decades of missile development experience to create this highly advanced, long-distance, maneuverable supersonic strike missile for Norwegian, German, and Allied customers in the future. The team will work closely with the Norwegian and German Defence Forces and their national research organizations to define and develop a highly advanced long-range strike capability to meet future surface threats. According to Thomas Gottschild, Managing Director of MBDA Deutschland, the importance of stand-off weapons was demonstrated in the past two years and is crucial for credible deterrence and defence. Joining forces between our companies will strengthen the Norwegian, German, and European armed forces, improving the defense of our home nations.” “We will develop a game changer with 3SM that none of us could develop on our own.” Helmut Rauch, CEO of ...
  • X-GUARD RT™ – New Towed Decoy from RAFAEL May 10, 2024X-GUARD RT™ - New Towed Decoy from RAFAEL
    RAFAEL announces the launch of the X-Guard RT, the latest addition to its X-Guard family of reusable towed EW decoys for fighter aircraft, cargo planes, early warning and intelligence platforms, patrol aircraft, special missions platforms, and more. According to a company official, the new towed decoy was developed in response to the lessons learned from recent conflicts, with air forces facing advanced and diverse Integrated Air Defense Systems (IADS) effective over long ranges, lack of intelligence on threats, and extended periods of lacking air dominance. The new towed decoy operates independently of the platform’s ECM system, thus enabling aircraft that previously operated far from perceived threats and, therefore, lacked self-protection to add effective CM using the X-Guard RT towed decoy. “We have overcome the great aero-mechanical challenges of making this unique towed EW system reusable, making it an affordable protection for most platforms.” The X-Guard family boasts several key features enabling unique and effective protection for aerial platforms. As a towed EW decoy retractable during flight, it is reusable and a cost-effective solution that enables users to integrate more advanced techniques. Featuring extremely high transmission power and wide spatial coverage, the X-Guard offers exceptional EW protection capabilities. With minimal limitations on aircraft maneuverability, X-Guard RT supports a broad flight envelope, maintaining operational flexibility without degradation of in-flight performance. Unlike previous generations and EW common decoys that rely on the aircraft’s EW systems for signal receiving and processing and use the decoy to transmit signals remotely of the aircraft, X-Guard RT operates independently, using an Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) for receive and transmit with signal processing on board, without requiring support from the aircraft ECM. Operating across a wide frequency range with advanced Digital Radio Frequency Memory (DRFM) techniques, the decoy can match the transmitted signals to match the hostile radar and mimic ...
  • Elbit Systems Introduces a New Tactical UAS: the Hermes 650 Spark Feb 21, 2024Elbit Systems Introduces a New Tactical UAS: the Hermes 650 Spark
    Elbit Systems has rolled out the Hermes 650 Spark, the latest addition to its Hermes family of Uncrewed Aerial Systems (UAS). Spark is designed to be the contemporary successor to the long-serving Hermes 450, aiming to modernize UAS fleets that currently consist of mixed 450/900 models or are exclusively equipped with the 450 variants.
  • EDGE and Milrem Robotics to Field a UAE Robotic Force Jan 25, 2024EDGE and Milrem Robotics to Field a UAE Robotic Force
    Milrem Robotics, an Estonian company partly owned by the UAE based EDGE Group will equip the UAE Armed Forces with 60 Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGVs), according to an official announcement released yesterday at the colsong day of the UMEX exhibition in Dubai. Milrem also unveiled a new 8×8 platform expected to expand its RCV fleet next year.
  • USMC Receives the First Production ACV Command Vehicle (ACV-C) Jan 12, 2024USMC Receives the First Production ACV Command Vehicle (ACV-C)
    BAE Systems delivered the first Amphibious Combat Vehicle Command and Control (ACV-C) variant under the full-rate production contract to the U.S. Marine Corps. The ACV-C will provide Marines with a mobile command center that enables maintaining situational awareness and operations planning in the battlespace and on the move. The ACV-C serves as a tactical echelon command post for the U.S. Marine Corps regiment.
  • Ukraine, Estonia Share Operational Experience with THeMIS UGVs Jan 11, 2024Ukraine, Estonia Share Operational Experience with THeMIS UGVs
    THeMIS unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) delivered by Estonian based Milrem Robotics company to the Ukrainian armed forces have undergone extensive operations in the combat zone, this deployment has already yielding initial user experience shared with the company. Milrem Robotics delivered 14 THeMIS UGVs to Ukraine. Seven of the systems are intended to carry cargo and for casualty evacuation (CASEVAC) and seven, equipped with payloads from the French CNIM, for route clearance and demining operations.
  • Rheinmetall Tests Skyranger 30A1 VSHORAD Firepower Jan 11, 2024Rheinmetall Tests Skyranger 30A1 VSHORAD Firepower
    Rheinmetall began testing its newest VSHORAD mobile gun system, Skyranger 30. In December 2023, the A1 configuration of the Skyranger 30 underwent a successful testing and live-fire campaign, paving the way for total system qualification by mid-2024.
  • Rafael Tests the Spyder AiO Short Range Air Defense System Jan 10, 2024Rafael Tests the Spyder AiO Short Range Air Defense System
    Against the ongoing regional Mid-East conflict, RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems of Israel completed a pivotal SPYDER air-defense system test in its innovative All in One (AiO) configuration. The test featured an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) interception under challenging operational conditions, with the SPYDER system achieving a precise and effective defense against the evolving aerial threats representing those encountered by Israel in recent combat engagements.