Israel MOD Approved 30,000 Defense Exports to 130 Countries in 2011

Meir Shalit, Chief of API, IMOD.

In 2011 the Israel Ministry Of Defense (IMOD) licensed over 1,200 companies and 6,000 individuals licensed to export defense products and services to foreign countries. Through the year the Export Control Branch at the IMOD (API).

Overall, Israeli exporters comply with the regulations to the full extent, according to Export Control Branch chief Meir Shalit, the branch handled about 30,000 export applications in 2011 and approved 94%. Of those restricted, 43 were suspected in export control violations.

The branch tracks 17,000 products and 1,500 defense technology knowhow and services. Since 2008 the branch granted export licenses to 130 countries and governments. “Our main goal is to secure the qualitative edge of Israel defense Forces, (IDF) by preventing uncontrolled distribution of sensitive technologies and defense products. We are also committed to maintain the international commitments and foreign relations of Israel, this is our job and our responsibility” said Shalit. He added API is considering to ease export control procedures by extending the license period from two to three years, open a ‘Green Line” for exporters and expediting the approval of ‘confidential’ level applications.