Hyunmoo Missiles – Seoul Going Ballistic


In response to the failed April 13th North Korean attempt to launch a satellite using a long-range ballistic missile, South Korea released a video showing launches of unidentified cruise missile and a ballistic missile, both indigenously developed in South Korea. The cruise missile was apparently the Hyunmoo 3, the ballistic missile is most obviously the Hyunmoo 2 developed in the late 1990s. The presentation made by Major General Shin Won-sik, an officer responsible for policy planning at the Ministry of defense in Seoul was meant to show North Korea that the south had weapons that could reach anywhere in the north. The two missile programs were developed indigenously and secretly for the at least four decades, extending the reach and offensive capability of South Korea to balance a large number of ballistic missiles deployed by the North. North Korea has about 600 ballistic missiles aimed at South Korea.

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