Controp Scouting for Applications for SPEED-A Aerostat-Based Payloads

SPEED-A Payload suspended under an aerostat
SPEED-A Payload suspended under an aerostat
The SPEED A payload was designed specifically to match the unique movement patterns of tethered platforms, thus providing high level of stabilization unachieved by other systems of this weight class. Photo: Controp

Controp is displaying its latest aerostat-optimized SPEED-A stabilized electro-optically payload system at Aero-India 2013, in anticipation of new opportunities maturing fr this unique system. Defense-Update reports.

The company is hopeful the system would be applicable for the Indian requirements for border and coastal protection, site protection and force protection, where tethered systems are have proved highly effective and economical in covering large areas, particularly over densely vegetated  urban or flat terrain. The ability to provide high fidelity surveillance at low weight and reasonable cost means payloads can generate images and live video at live-video rate and at quality level necessary for security applications. Controp Precision Technology designed the 23kg SPEED-A for these applications, providing extra stabilization in patterns suitable for tethered platforms. The system has already been deployed and is operational with several customers worldwide. Most recently it has been selected by a European customer, the payload for tethered aerial surveillance applications. SPEED A has already been fielded and with the Israeli and Canadian military, on board Aeronautics’ Skystar 300 surveillance aerostat.

Source: Defense-Update