VideoScout-Go – Handheld Video Exploitation System

VideoScout MXR from L-3 Com

L-3 Unmanned Systems announced today the release of VideoScout-GO (VS-GO), a ruggedized, fully integrated handheld video terminal capable of receiving and recording full-motion video (FMV) intelligence for collection and dissemination in support of a variety of end users and mission profiles. The new system was unveiled at the US Modern Marine expo in Quantico, VA.

VS-GO enables end users to remotely downlink live surveillance images and geospatial data directly from airborne, mobile and ground fixed sensors, via analog and digital waveforms. VS-GO is designed around a 4.3-inch sunlight-readable screen, allowing end users to view video streams in real time.

According to James Gear, vice president of strategic business development at L-3 Unmanned Systems, the combination of a small form factor viewer and robust DVR and exploitation software provide dismounted warfighters enhanced situational awareness on the move. The integrated digital video recorder (DVR). This capability provides snapshots, clips, forward/rewind and pause of the video stream.

VS-GO is powered by L-3’s Insyte collection, processing, exploitation and dissemination software. Insyte was conceived as an intuitive user interface, providing end users with the ability to operate and collect data with minimal training. Insyte provides DVR controls as well as the ability to stream captured video and associated metadata on connected networks.