Israel shoot down a Syrian drone over the Golan heights

Iranian built Pahpad drones have been used by the Syrian regime in its fight against the rebels since 2012.

Israel’s air defense Patriot units have shot down a Syrian unmanned aerial vehicle that entered Israeli air space from Syria today. The Syrian drone came from the Quneitra region in Syria, adjacent to the Israeli border. The Syrian drone, likely belonged to the military of the Assad regime, has most likely strayed into Israeli airspace by accident. In recent days the Syrian army is fighting Jihadist rebels over the border crossing with Israel. The Syrians have sent strike fighters to attack rebels in the area, in violation of the cease fire treaty with Israel. Despite the clear violation, Israel has not responded to those incursions that were done inside Syrian territory. The penetration into Israeli airspace apparently ‘crossed a red line’.

Two Israeli drones have also been shot down in recent days. According to the Arab-language Al-Mayadeen television network, the Hermes Model drone was shot down near Baghdad Airport. Another drone, also a Hermes 450 was shot down in Iran, about 130 km from its northern border.