The Polish MOD has selected the US company Raytheon to provide the Polish ‘NAREW’ future medium-range missile defense system. Poland has rejected the offer of the European consortium headed by the Thales Group. The program will include the procurement of eight batteries over 10 years, and is estimated to be worth 26 billion zlotys (about US$7 billion).

Defense Minister Tomasz Siemoniak will also negotiate an offset agreement to guarantee the participation of Poland’s defense companies in the building of the system, the Polish defense ministry said.

Last week Raytheon has announced it has received a contract worth $2 billion from an undisclosed international customer, for its Patriot air defense systems.


Poland is seeking to deploy a medium-range air and missile defense system, based on existing technology. Raytheon’s proposed the Patriot Missile with optional Patriot PAC4 upgrade (utilizing the stunner missiles Raytheon is developing with Israel’s missile company RAFAEL.

Last year the Poles rejected Israel’s David’s Sling system, as they insisted to consider only matured, operational system, while David’s Sling is still in development. David’s Sling is expected to reach operational capability in 2016.