Rheinmetall defence and IAI's Elta Systems have teamed to supply Elta's ELM-2084 for the Medium Range radar program. Photo: IAI
Rheinmetall defence and IAI’s Elta Systems have teamed to supply Elta’s ELM-2084 for the Medium Range radar program. Photo: IAI
The Canadian Department of National Defence has selected Rheinmetall Canada to supply 10 Medium Range Radar systems for the Canadian Army. The combat proven radars developed and produced by Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Elta Systems are capable of detecting hostile rocket, artillery and mortar fire. The new radars will are able to project the impact point and locate the sources of fire, thus providing early warning to combat forces and enabling rapid counter action to suppress the enemy.

The MRR order runs for a period of three years and encompasses procurement of ten Medium-Range Radar systems together with the associated logistical support, at a worth of CAD130 million (€95 million). The agreement covers in-service support, with an option for extension that could increase the potential value of both contracts to CAD 243 million (€175 million).

Ongoing since 2008, the program reached the final phase in 2014 with the publication of an international tender that attracted many competitors, including Lockheed Martin, Saab, Raytheon Canada, Thales Canada, and a team lead by Rheinmetall Canada and IAI Elta. The two companies teamed in 2013 to market integrated solutions based on the Elta radar.

With the selection of the Rheinmetall-IAI team the program is expected to reach initial operational capability in June 2017 and become fully operational by the end of 2017. The two companies announced they will implement a technology transfer program in full conformity with the intent of Canada’s recently announced Defence Procurement Strategy, to create local jobs and capabilities and help spur economic growth.

[ismember]The ELM-2084 MMR is an advanced three-dimensional, S-Band radar, incorporating modular and scalable architecture, and is the world-leading multi-mission system. The solid-state, electronically-steered active array system incorporates Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology and offers exceptional detection and accuracy performance. The MMR is a highly mobile system, designed for fast deployment with a minimal crew.

Designed to simultaneously perform hostile weapon locating, friendly-fire ranging and air surveillance, the ELM-2084 MMR is able to detect rockets, artillery and mortars at long ranges (the Canadian Army required at least 30 km). According to Rheinmetall Defence, deployed in a C-RAM role, the MMR can detect rockets, artillery and mortars, at ranges exceeding the canadian requirement, processing hundreds of targets per minute. It is also capable of carrying out artillery ranging missions and friendly fire ranging. The MMR can also provide fire control when
integrated with a weapon system. Rheinmetall said.

For maximum strategic flexibility, the system is air transportable in C-130-type
cargo planes. The radar implements advanced signal processing to enable operation in conditions of heavy clutter, interference and electronic countermeasures. Graceful degradation and very high availability make the ELM-2084 an important force multiplier, its state-of-the-art technology resulting in a high-performance system featuring excellent reliability and availability. [/ismember]