issp-logoThe Canadian government has awarded Rheinmetall Canada an initial contract worth CAD 7 million (US$5.4) for the qualification of Integrated Soldier Systems (ISS) for Canadian military use. This phase will span over four years. The contract has an option for a follow on procurement of 4,144 systems to equip the Canadian infantry combat teams.

The Canadian Integrated Soldier System Project (ISSP) is a suite of military equipment that soldiers wear as part of their combat load. It includes weapon accessories and electronics that allow soldiers to stay connected with their teams after exiting vehicles on the battlefield. It also features a radio, a smartphone-like computer to run battle management software, a GPS, and a communications headset.

The ISS combines those devices into an ensemble of system that greatly improves the situational awareness of the individual soldier. According to Rheinmetall Canada the ISS can be integrated into the Canadian military’s Land Command Support System.

Following the qualification phase the Canadian government has an option, under this contract, to buy up to 4,144 systems, and award a second contract for related support. The total value of both contracts could reach CAD 250 million ($193 million).

Rheinmetall Canada is supplying the ISS in cooperation with Saab AB of Sweden As prime contractor, Rheinmetall’s Canadian subsidiary is responsible for system development and integration, programme management, and integrated logistics. The Group is already producing similar systems for the the modular Future Soldier – Expanded System on behalf of the German Bundeswehr, as well as various systems and component solutions for other NATO partners.