The DroneGun weighs approximately five kilograms and is provided as an integrated, self-contained system that can be deployed with dismounted units, protecting patrols, vehicles, checkpoints or rooftops. According to the manufacturer, the system is priced at the ‘tens of thousands of dollars range,’ thus is affordable for large-scale deployment.

As a point-and-shoot weapon, the DroneGun is designed to be effective against a wide variety of drones. By neutralizing drones from a safe distance, DroneGun offers advantages over alternative kinetic solutions such as nets or bullets, as it allows for safe handling of situations such as drones carrying explosives or biological payloads. Unlike kinetic solutions, it can be utilized against some drones at the same time and does not require consumables, reloading time or maintenance.

DroneGun is a portable rifle-style jammer, which can operate independently of any other sensors, to locate and neutralize potential aerial threats. The ‘rifle’ is connected to a backpack that stores the RF transmitter and batteries. The system requires no calibration and is instantly ready for operation when switched on. It can operate for two hours and requires 90 minutes of charging.

The Australian company DroneShield announced the first sale of its DroneGun tactical drone jammer to a government in the Middle East. According to the company, it was the first reported sale of a tactical counter-UAV jammer to a Middle Eastern government by any supplier. The acquisition was for test and evaluation purpose, with a potential follow-up order of a large scale to equip military forces with the C-UAV capability.