Scrambler 300 Drone Rifle

Scrambler 300 UAS jammer from MC2 Technologies. Photo: 01net - via MC2 Technologies.

The Scrambler 300 developed by the French company MC2 Technologies is a UAS jammer that operates in the L, S and C bands. It is capable of jamming common telecommunication protocols between a drone and its remote operator. It detects targets at a distance of 500 meters and can jam such targets from 300 meters. Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) jamming is enabled at 150 meters.

The backpacked battery operated system weighs 14 kg and is operated by a single person, in a ‘point and shoot’ manner. The user has to aim at the microwave gun at the target and activate it to initiate the jamming. The battery sustains 2.5 hours of active operation and 60 hours in stand-by mode.

Another capability that could become critical for the military user is the ability to locate the controller’s position in a targeting level accuracy, enabling the defending forces to become the hunters. This can be done using several sensors that can triangulate emitter location utilizing direction finding.