Elbit Systems unveiled here its latest mortar recoil reduction system, that reduces 120mm mortar firing loads to 10 tons, enabling, a level that enables mounting of such mortars on light armored vehicles such as this Sandcat. Photo: Noam Eshel, Defense-Update

Pocket Artillery for the Warfighter

The Royal Marines will soon be replacing the Viking, seeking a new amphibious tracked vehicle to provide protected mobility for the amphibious forces. Among the vehicles displayed here were the heavier BvS10 from BAE Systems, the Warthog, based on the Singaporean Bronco used by the British military and its new sibling – Bronco 3 displayed in a mortar carrier configuration.

Equipped with the autonomous 120mm Super Rapid Advanced Mortar System the new Bronco 3 was displayed here with an Elta ‘Green Rock’ counter-rocket, artillery, and mortar (C-RAM) radar. The SRAMS system employs a recoil reduction mechanism reduces the mortar recoil to 26 tons, a level contained by the Bronco armored vehicle.

Elbit Systems presented the newest addition to its recoil reduction systems portfolio with the SPEAR Mark 2 – a system that reduces the 120mm mortar recoil down to around ten tons, enabling the mortar to mount on a tactical vehicle. It was displayed here mounted on a Plasan Sandcat light armored vehicle.

The Spanish EIMOS was also on display. The system using small caliber (60 – 81mm) mortars were mounted on a Spanish Uro Vamtac S3 tactical vehicle, is designed to support light, mobile forces.

SPEAR was shown as part of a complete and autonomous sensor-to-shooter network that supports tactical units and rapid deployment forces. The SPEAR mortar demonstrated at DSEI responded automatically to a forward controller, equipped with the company’s handheld targeting and Dominator combat suits. The Dominator was enhanced with the new Smartrack unit that made its debut here. Smartrack is a compact position location and reporting system that provides positioning of forces in GPS denied environment, providing the fighting force with continued friendly forces tracking capability.

Main Highlights:

ST Kinetics’ latest tracked vehicle – Bronco 3 was displayed here in a mortar carrier configuration, mounting the Singaporean SRAMS 120mm mortar. Photo: Noam Eshel, Defense-Update
The Spanish EIMOS mobile 60/81mm mortar mortar developed by Expal was another mortar carrier, mounted on the URO, indicating the increased interest in mortars at DSEI. Photo Noam Eshel, Defense-Update
IAI’s Topgun precision guidance kit is designed to fit on standard artillery projectiles and improve their hit precision to less that 10 meters. Photo: Noam Eshel, Defense-Update
Fletcher displayed at DSEI a new quad launcher for the Hydra 70mm rocket. The system is seen here supporting the APKWS laser guided rocket, enabling light vehicles to score direct hits at laser-designated targets 5-6 kilometers away. Photo: Noam Eshel, Defense-Update