High Flyers to Ride on the Edge of Space

GA_googleFillSlot("ROS_160x600"); Two 'near space' platforms designed to fly at the edge of space in the high stratosphere are the FALCON and WaveRider. Their...

British and French Attack Helicopters Conduct First Attacks in Libya

British Apache attack helicopters conducted their first operational sorties over Libya on Friday last night. According to British sources, the capabilities of the Apache complement well the precision strike and reconnaissance missions flown by NATO fast jets.

MOAB Strike in Nangarhar Kills at Least 36 ISIS Operatives

The U.S. forces in Afghanistan conducted yesterday a strike on a tunnel complex built by the Islamic State's Khorasan (ISIS-K) terrorist organization. The strike used a 21,500 pound GBU-43 bomb dropped from an Air-Force Special-Operations Command (AFSOC) MC-130 aircraft. Media reports said 36 ISIS operatives reportedly killed in the attack.

AWACS – Airborne Early Warning & Control Aircraft

A major upgrade for the mission systems of the first Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft operated by NATO was recently completed by...

Updated: C-MUSIC to Protect Israeli Airlines from Missile Attacks

Offers Part of the development of active protection systems for platforms, Elbit systems is offering effective protection for military and commercial aircraft and helicopters,...
VisionMap Mist

Visionmap Unveils a Wide-Area Surveillance & Mapping Payload at AUVSI-Israel

MIST, an advanced EO payload designed for mapping and wide area aerial surveillance was displayed for the first time today at the AUVSI Israel event in Tel Aviv. A military version of the camera was designed for unmanned aerial systems and has entered operational service in 2006, just in time for the Second Lebanon War. It has since proved itself in continuous operation over thousands of hours on a number of UAV systems.

Denmark to upgrade its F-16 aircraft with LITENING G4 Targeting Pods

The Danish Ministry of Defence announced that it has selected Northrop Grumman's LITENING G4 targeting system for its F-16 fighter aircraft. First deliveries are...

Airborne Laser Tested at Edwards

Laser Packed 747 Prepares for Firing Demonstration The Boeing Company , industry teammates and the U.S.Missile Defense Agency have begun Airborne Laser (ABL) flight tests with the entire...

Bulgarian MOD Terminates Helicopter Upgrade Contract with Elbit

The Bulgarian Ministry of Defense terminated a contract for the upgrading of attack and assault helicopters awarded to Elbit Systems in 2004. Elbit Systems...

The Wide Range – Bombardier Aerospace Heritage

More than 35 governments worldwide are using variants of Bombardier’s business and commercial and amphibious aircraft in such missions as C4ISR, coastal patrol, search and rescue and government officials’ transport.

Aerospace Systems at Defendory 2006

For obvious reasons, combat aircraft and advanced trainers were among the show's highlights. For the fighter program, General Dynamics, with the F-16 Block 52, Dasault...

IAI/Elta has unveiles TASCAN targeting pod

IAI/Elta has unveiled the TASCAN Electro-Optical targeting pod for fighter aircraft, thereby complementing its EL/M-20600 Radar Targeting Pod (RTP) which uses Synthetic Aperture Radar...

Philippines to Bolster Surveillance with new Maritime Air Patrols, Radar Stations

The Philippines Department of National Defense (DND) plans to acquire two long-range patrol aircraft at an investment of US$135 million, (P5.98 billion). Support facilities...

Embraer KC-390 Begins Operational Testing with Brazilian Air force

The Brazilian Air Force and KC-390 designer Embraer continue to test the new Brazilian tactical transport plane. The program completed a major phase recently, dropping 18 parachutists in free fall from the aircraft from 12,000 ft.

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