SlowFast Tactical Drone Tactical ISTAR UAV

Based on the Moyen Duc demonstrator, Dassault Aviation and Sagem are jointly developing a concept of a new stealthy tactical drone which will be...

JY-26 – China’s new counter stealth radar

China’s Nanjing defense electronics technology group is unveiling a new phased array radar iterating in the VHF/UHF waveband, designed for long range air surveillance...

Enhanced Sniper Targeting Pod Tested for Recce Role

A specially modified version of the Lockheed Martin’s Sniper Advanced Targeting Pod (ATP) was demonstrated the ability to perform non-traditional intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance...
Brazilian Army EC725

Thailand Orders Four EC725s Helicopters for Search and Rescue Missions

The Government of Thailand has reportedly ordered four EC725 helicopters for Search and Rescue (SAR) missions. The €100 million deal was announced by Thai deputy prime minister Yutthasak Sasiprapa on 29 August, quoted by the French media.

Jet Trainers Set to Prosper in Asian Markets

Alenia Aermacchi is back at the Singapore Airshow 2012 with the first two T-346 jet trainers built for the Italian Air Force. These jets...

The Global Military Aircraft Market 2011–2021

Despite massive cuts in defense procurement North America is expected to account for the largest share of the global military aircraft market sharing 42.9%...

Reliance Forms JV with Rafael, to Focus on Missiles & Aerostats

Israel's Rafael Advanced Defense Systems and the Indian Reliance Defence company have signed today at Defexpo 2016 a joint venture (JV) that will provide the local content of major defense programs Rafael is involved with, estimated to be worth billions of dollars.

Update: F-35 fleet grounded pending results of recent engine fire investigation

The technical air worthiness authorities of the Department of the Air Force and Department of the Navy have issued a directive to ground the F-35 fleet based on initial findings from the runway fire incident that occurred at Eglin Air Force Base on Monday, June 23.

New Izumo-class carriers to greatly boost Japan’s force projection

Japan's new Izumo-class helicopter carrier currently undergoing sea trials is expected to be commissioned in 2015. The new carrier will dramatically increase Japan's force projection in the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan, raising concern in China

X-2 Technology – a Major Pillar for Sikorsky’s Future Success

Sikorsky's X2 Technology demonstrator conducted a successful ground test in November 2006. The X2 Demonstrator is scheduled to take flight in 2007. Jeffery Pino...

Phantom Ray Delivered to Edwards Prior to First Test Flight

The Phantom Ray unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) is a fighter-sized technology demonstrator designed as a flying test bed for advanced technologies. Under the Phantom Ray technology demonstration program...

New Avionics for the F-16 Vipers

Part I of a series covering the US Air Force Combat Command plans to Maintain its 'Shooters' Effective for Years to Come The F-16s (Vipers)...

F-15Es will soon be able to send microsatellites into orbit

DARPA is seeking to develop new ways to launch and deploy small satellites in orbit. One of the concepts being explored by the agency is the Air Launched Assist Space Access (ALASA), seeking to reduce cost, time and weather constraints for launching small satellites from an aircraft.

Elbit Systems Performs Joint Flight Missions of Hermes 450 and Hermes 900 UAV’s

Elbit Systems announced that it successfully performed a series of joint flight missions of its Hermes 450 and Hermes900 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The...