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IAI Introduces the ‘Total Connectivity Solution’ at the Singapore Airshow 2012

IAI's new family of networking systems integrates common core capabilities and specific solutions designed for land forces missions, and airborne applications supporting air operations. A special subset of the system is uniquely tailored for the operation of precision-guided weapons.

Future Ad-Hoc Networks to Integrate Airborne Radar, Ground Elements

Radar developer Raytheon and L-3 Communications are designing new systems to improve the common operating picture obtained by field commanders. "Getting intelligence and surveillance...

Microlight – Miniature Modular Software Defined Radio (SDR)

Microlight is a hands-free Software Defined Radio (SDR) designed as a miniature set, fitting a small form factor typically required for dismounted infantry operations,...

Multifunction On-The-Move Secure Adaptive Integrated Communications network (MOSAIC)

To enable the "mobile battlefield Network", DARPA is developing the Multifunctional On-the-Move Secure Adaptive Integrated Communications (MOSAIC). Using "ad-hoc mobile networking" MOSAIC automatically forms and...

Multiple-Input/Multiple-Output (MIMO) Mobile Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks

Evolving Mobile Network concept known as Multiple -Input/Multiple - Output (MIMO) have the potential to increase communications data rates by 10-20 times above current...

Tactical Mobile Broadband Networks

Start < Page 4 of 7 > To support the brigade level and above, these services rely on dedicated trunks for broadband connectivity. Such radios offer...

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