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US Navy to test powerful, mobile laser weapon against drones

A compact yet powerful laser weapon developed by Raytheon will soon be integrated on a HMMWV, to demonstrate its ability to defeat enemy drones, as part of the enhancement of current US Marine Corps ground-based air-defense capabilities.

SOCOM to Modernize its Tactical Vehicle Fleet

AM General is offering a beefed-up variant of the HMMWV, optimized for Special Operations.
As heavy combat vehicle programs are idling, modernization of the tactical vehicles is in progress, as the Army, Marine Corps and Special Operations Command plan to replace and reset their fleet of High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV). Two vehicles classes are currently underway - the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV), equipping the Army and US Marine Corps, and the Ground Mobility Vehicle (GMV) 1.1 – replacing the HMMWVs operated by the Special Operations Command.

Elbit Systems Introduces the SPEAR – a Mortar for the HMMWV

Elbit Systems unveiled today the Soltam SPEAR 120mm autonomous, soft recoil mortar system, designed for light wheeled platforms. The patent pending recoil system reduces the barrel firing load from 120 tons to less than 10 tons.

Revised JLTV Set to Reshuffle Teams, Attract New Commercial Bidders

The latest Army-Marine Corps solicitation for the Joint Light Tactical Vehicle (JLTV) replacement of the Humvee isn't a refinement of the previous approach, it's...

Army Sets JLTV Target Price around $250,000

The U.S. Army Tank Automotive Command has released the draft request for proposal (RFP) for the for the next phase of the Army/Marine Corps Joint Light Tactical Vehicle program. According to the current schedule, the Army plans to select the preferred teams for the Engineering and manufacturing Development (EMD) phase, by May 2012 with contract award to the winner expected by 2015.

BAE Systems Demonstrates HMMWV ‘Integrated Smart V’ to Army, Marine Corps

BAE Systems demonstrated the improved HMMWV known as ‘Integrated SMART V’ (ISV) to U.S. Army and Marine Corps officials at the Nevada Automotive Test...

Industry Preparing for the HMMWV recap

Among the heavier tactical vehicles on display were new versions of the BAE Systems' Caiman Multi-Terrain Vehicle (MTV), configured to support Command and Control...

Oshkosh Customizes the HMMWV for Rough Rides

Oshkosh Defense is offering to upgrade the Marine Corps HMMWVs, enhancing its off-road mobility, maneuverability, and speed, while retaining, and even improving its ballistic...

Armored, Blast Protected Capsule for the HMMWV

In February 2010 Textron Marine & Land Systems and Granite Tactical Vehicles Inc. have won the first order for three modified High Mobility Multipurpose...

MRAP Could Assume New Missions in Future Conflicts

Quo Vadis MRAP? February, 2010: As U.S. military operations in Iraq are winding down, the services are considering what to do with those assets, specially...

Boomerang II – Acoustic Gunshot Detection System

Boomerang II acoustic gunshot detection system from BBN Technologies, is designed to operate in, noisy, vehicular environment, such as on the HMMWV. The system...

Up-Armored HMMWV Modifications

Modern Day Marine Expo / AUSA 2007 As MRAP is about to be fielded in mass, and more protected alternatives are considered for the HMMWV,...

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) Armored Vehicles

The Pentagon has approved the expansion of the MRAP program to over 20,000 vehicles. The US Army plan to increase its fleet of MRAP...

M2C2 – Mobile Modular Command & Control Vehicle

The U.S. Marine Corps are evaluating On the Move / Over the Horizon (OTM/OTH) capabilities for deployable maneuver elements, providing command and control elements...

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