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Panhard Innovate with the CRAB

Above: Panhard CRAB. Photo: Tamir Eshel, Defense-Update Following a long tradition of supplying light armored vehicles for recce and patrol, Panhard is unveiling at Eurosatory 2012...

French VBL to Equip Russian Border Guards?

Russia is in talks with French military manufacturer Panhard on the purchase of 500 VBL light armored vehicles for $260 million. The vehicles are to equip Russian Federal Security Service’s border guards units.

Armored Fighting Vehicles at Defendory 2006

For its ground forces, the Greek Army has started to take delivery of the first Leopard 2 HEL tanks. In addition to the 170 tanks on...

French Army Demonstrates Urban Combat Experimentation – 2006 Eurosatory Exhibition

Planning to improve its urban combat capabilities, the French Army is testing new concepts under the AZUR Urban Survivability Functions Demonstration program. Three vehicles...

VBL – Panhard

VBL is a 4 ton class 4x4 armored vehicle offered in short or long versions, offered in various configurations including infantry carrier, scout, intelligence...

Gun Systems and Ammunition for AFV

Weapons and Systems upgrades were introduced for the familiar VBL displayed here with the new KBP Kvartet turret, mounting four Kornet anti-tank missile and associated electro-optical equipment. Other...

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