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Future Drones: Mission Systems’ Automation

This post continues our discussion on Future Drones Mission autonomy evolved parallel to the automation of piloting functions. Such capabilities are derived from mission payloads...

Vigilant Stare Launch Airborne Wide Area Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) Service

Sierra Nevada Corporation (SNC) and ITT Exelis are nearing completion and testing of Vigilant Stare, a manned aircraft-based Wide-Area Persistent Surveillance (WAPS) concept demonstrator.

RAFAEL Develops UAS Mission Enhancement Package

Focusing on a range systems complementing unmanned aerial systems (UAS) Israel’s weapon systems expert RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems is introducing at the AUVSI 2011 a range of hardware and software systems, supporting UAS missions.

Tailoring Unmanned Platforms for New Missions

Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) have established a leading position in modern air power, already performing far more operational hours, compared to any other military...

Autonomous Real-time Ground Ubiquitous Surveillance-Imaging System (ARGUS-IS)

The U.S. Air Force awarded BAE Systems about US$50 million contract to deliver high-resolution, wide area infra-red persistent surveillance system. BAE has been developing...

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is a globally recognized leader in development and production of military and commercial aerospace and defense systems. A world leading...

Broad Area Persistent Surveillance System

The Broad Area Persistent Surveillance System, an advanced ISR application covering a wide area with imaging sensors is being developed by ITT for area...


Remote Ground Emplaced / Air Delivered Unattended Ground Sensor Manufacturer: Textron Systems Advanced, air deliverable Unattended ground Sensors are currently developed by Textron Systems for a...

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