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  • DSEI 2017 Reflects the Latest Trends Oct 1, 2017 The biennial Defense Security Equipment International Exhibition (DSEI) held in London in September 2017 provided insight into British defense programs. The event attracted strong international participation, both visitors and exhibitors from 42 countries, many of which addressed UK and European defense and security requirements. The exhibition considered the second largest of its kind in the west, covered aviation, maritime and land warfare, as well as defense electronics, training simulation, security and cyber. DSEI reflected the growing concern of the Russian threat among countries within NATO. At the backdrop of DSEI was ZAPAD-2017, the large-scale military exercise held along the Russian Army with Belarus, along with its border with Europe. Another concern reflected here was the terror threat, both to military and the homeland. Several exhibitors displayed here innovative solutions that address evolving threats, including land, marine and airborne IEDs and mines. Main Highlights: Naval Modernization Equipping the Strike Brigades New Interest in Active Protection Wheeled Armored Vehicles Pocket Artillery for the Warfighter Fast Wheels for Special Forces Unmanned Systems Assume New Roles Naval Modernization Of a particular interest was the Royal Navy frigate modernization program, particularly the replacement of aging combatants with new Type 26 and Type 31e, and modernization of air defense systems on the remaining Type 23 frigates, that includes the replacement of Sea Wolf anti-missile system and Rapier Ground Based Air Defense missiles with the Common Anti-Air Modular Missile (CAMM). The Navy also plans to modernize its electronic warfare capabilities, for which Elbit Systems and Lockheed Martin announced a teaming agreement. Anti-submarine warfare, electronic warfare, and mine countermeasures were also featured, addressing acquisition programs with several NATO navies. Babcock unveiled at DSEI its Arrowhead class light frigate, developed to meet the Royal Navy requirement for eight Type 31e vessels. The new 120m vessel has a displacement of 4000 tons and an operating autonomy of 6,000 nautical miles. It is armed with ...
  • Elsight Provides Communications Links for the Amstaf Jan 10, 2018 Elsight received an initial order for ten Communications on the Move (COTM) secure, two-way communications suits from Automotive Robotic Industry (ARI), for integration in ARI’s Amstaf Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV). Elsight’s communications systems provide military-grade, secure and continuous two-way audio, video, and data transmissions, enabling safe and reliable remote operations of UGVs. Share this:PrintEmailRedditPocketLinkedInPinterestTwitterFacebookGoogleWhatsAppMoreTumblr
  • G&C Provides Functional Design for Saudi Multi-Mission Surface Combatant Jan 10, 2018 Gibbs & Cox naval architecture and marine engineering firm (G&C) will support the functional design of new, Multi-Mission Surface Combatant (MMSC), a new class of frigate based on the Freedom-variant Littoral Combat Ship ordered by the Royal Navy of Saudi Arabia. Share this:PrintEmailRedditPocketLinkedInPinterestTwitterFacebookGoogleWhatsAppMoreTumblr
  • HDT to Deliver 20 Robotic Mules for US Army Evaluation Jan 9, 2018 The U.S. Army has selected four companies to move to the second phase of the Squad, Multipurpose Equipment Transport (SMET), to develop an unmanned ground vehicle assisting dismounted troops with equipment transport. One of the winners, HDT Global (HDT) said it will provide a new, electrically driven 6×6 vehicle known as ‘Hunter WOLF’. Share this:PrintEmailRedditPocketLinkedInPinterestTwitterFacebookGoogleWhatsAppMoreTumblr
  • Long Range, Hyperspectral Vision and Staring IRST – Air Force Essentials in Counter-A2AD Operations Jan 9, 2018 Leidos has been selected to deliver the US Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) extended-range, high-resolution imaging, hyperspectral sensing, and close-in imaging with expendable sensor technologies designed to defeat adversary anti-access and area denial (A2/AD) threats. Share this:PrintEmailRedditPocketLinkedInPinterestTwitterFacebookGoogleWhatsAppMoreTumblr
  • UVision’s Hero 400EC Demonstrates Loitering, Precision Attack Capabilities Jan 9, 2018 Israel’s UVision demonstrated their Hero-400EC extended-range loitering missile system last month, pitching the enhanced drone to a strategic customer that already operates the company’s other Hero loitering weapons. Share this:PrintEmailRedditPocketLinkedInPinterestTwitterFacebookGoogleWhatsAppMoreTumblr
  • Increased Airstrikes in Yemen Jan 9, 2018 Hostilities between Saudi Arabia and Yemen increased in December 2017, as Saudi-led coalition forces intensified the air campaign on the Iranian-backed Yemeni-Houthi forces. 541 strikes were recorded by the Yemen Data Project (YDP), up by 67% from November 2017 and the highest number of bombings in a single month since January 2017. Sa’ada remained the most heavily targeted governorate in December 2017 with 149 air raids recorded. The increased activity in the region of Hudaydah coincided with a new ground offensive – launched after the death of former president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, on 4 December – and territorial gains made by coalition-backed, anti-Houthi forces in Hudaydah governorate. The YDP indicates that as strikes intensified, they became less discriminate, with 195 of attacks (36 percent) targeted non-military sites; and just 14% targeting military sites. According to YDP, the change contrasts with the overall pattern of Coalition air raids in Yemen since the start of the air campaign. From March 2015 to December 2017 almost one-third of all targets (31%) were non-military and 38% military. Yemen air defense on Monday morning fired a ground-to-air missile at a Saudi F-15 while it was flying over the capital Sanaa, the Yemeni army said in a statement, that provided no further details. This event came one day after a Saudi Tornado strike fighter crashed when operating in the Sa’ada province, north of Sanaa. A video of the engagement released by the Yemeni forces shows a view of an F-15S Eagle flying opening full afterburner, releasing flares and then intercepted by an unidentified object, likely a surface-to-air missile. Official Saudi sources attributed the loss of the Tornado to a technical failure. A Saudi combat rescue operation that supported the mission rescued the two crewmembers. Share this:PrintEmailRedditPocketLinkedInPinterestTwitterFacebookGoogleWhatsAppMoreTumblr
  • Russian Forces in Syria Repelled Massive Drone Attack on Hmeimim and Tartus Jan 8, 2018 Syrian militants began using drones in Syria; following repeated attacks against Russian ground forces operating in the country, Russian and Syrian forces repelled a massive drone attack on Saturday night, downing or capturing 13 improvised, armed drones. The rapid growth in the use of drones and number of simultaneous missions used on each strike indicate the level of maturity and know-how acquired by the perpetrators, although the identity of faction using those drones has yet to be disclosed. Share this:PrintEmailRedditPocketLinkedInPinterestTwitterFacebookGoogleWhatsAppMoreTumblr
  • Global Hawk’s New Optical Sensor to Use AlBeMet Metal Matrix Composites Jan 4, 2018 Materion Corporation (NYSE:MTRN) has been awarded a contract by UTC Aerospace Systems for AlBeMet metal matrix composite parts for its MS-177 long-range, multi-spectral imaging (MSI) sensor, to be used by RQ-4B Global Hawk. Share this:PrintEmailRedditPocketLinkedInPinterestTwitterFacebookGoogleWhatsAppMoreTumblr
  • Finland Arms Stealth Boats with New Swedish Torpedoes Jan 4, 2018 Finland is upgrading the Hamina-class fast attack missile crafts to assume the mission of Rauma class Fast Attack Crafts that will retire in 2020. The Squadron 2000 Mid-Life Upgrade programme will extend the service life of Hamina-class vessels until 2035. Share this:PrintEmailRedditPocketLinkedInPinterestTwitterFacebookGoogleWhatsAppMoreTumblr
  • Three Philippine’s Assault Crafts to Receive Israeli Missiles Soon Jan 3, 2018 Three newly commissioned Multi-Purpose Assault Crafts (MPAC MKIII) of the Philippines Navy will soon be equipped with Spike ER multi-purpose missiles, the local Department of National Defense (DND) said. The missiles are expected to arrive in country during the first quarter of 2018. Israel’s Rafael Advanced Defense Systems company is providing three Mini Typhoon weapon systems for the new boats, that were commissioned into service in May 2017. Each will receive the remotely controlled weapon mount also fitted with missile launchers. will receive three locally built Multi-purpose Attack Crafts (MPAC MKIII) constructed by the new boats are constructed by a joint venture between Philippine shipbuilder Propmech Corporation and Taiwanese builder Lung Teh Shipbuilding Corporation. The boats will be equipped with Mini Typhoon remote weapon stations mounting 12.7mm heavy machine guns and Spike-ER missile launchers. The missiles enable the boat to extend effective engagement to eight kilometers. The operators will be able to use the weapon either against targets that are in sight by the electro-optical system on board or against targets that are ‘beyond line-of-sight’, employing the missile’s camera for target engagement. The Philippine Navy already operates six MPACs of earlier models that are not receiving the missiles. Three are the 15-meter MPAC MKI and three 17-meter MKII, both types were built by Propmech. The MPAC MKIII is longer than the previous models and is the first to carry missiles. The Philippine Navy also considers buying a fourth version of the MPAC. Share this:PrintEmailRedditPocketLinkedInPinterestTwitterFacebookGoogleWhatsAppMoreTumblr