Precision Fires

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In terms of weapons systems the trend today is towards smaller, focused effects.

The days of big bang and carpeting are long gone. Today, the yield is not measured by body count but in the high precision and minimized collateral damage. The military is seeking higher precision kits for its artillery, rockets and mortars, and precision guidance for missiles and aerial delivered weapons. At the unit level, enhancing fire precision by using improved rifle sights and improving sniper accuracy are considered, along more exotic methods, such as miniature suicide drones trained to seek and hit a fleeting target from a distance of several miles.

Controlling kinetic effects is another aspect of the use of force, as the military seek to minimize the use of firepower as possible, particularly in the presence of non-combatants and civilians. In the asymmetric warfare, every action is supervised, monitored and cleared by higher command, a mode of operation that will not be possible in other forms of combat. Nevertheless, the evolution of ‘common picture’ shared at multiple levels will contribute to the ability of tactical elements to employ maneuver and firepower to gain the upper hand in future combat.

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Another aspect of asymmetric warfare is the necessity to minimize the use of lethal force throughout the military operations. This goal is achieved through adequate training and fielding of various non-lethal effects, employed from existing weapons or from dedicated devices. These could be laser dazzlers used for warning, denying or limiting movement of personnel and vehicles, as well as non-lethal ammo and suppressant. All these could prevent military forces from using lethal force only to the instances it is absolutely necessary.

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