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Warfighters Will Be Able to Press and Repair their Armor

Research chemists at U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL) have developed and patented a transparent thermoplastic elastomer armor to reduce weight, inherent in the most bullet-resistant glass while maintaining superior ballistic properties. The thermoplastic transparent will also be repairable using a process similar to iron pressing to remove scratches.

Improved Transparent Armor  for M-ATV

The new transparent armor has been designed and tested by TACOM to meet is the ATPD-2352 transparent armor standards.


An armored glass producer, HPC uses polycarbonate material as its main component, which is tens of times more resistant that acrylic, and doesn’t cause...

TekShield Offers Protection Against IED Blast, Fragments and Small Arms Projectiles

Ceradyne has signed a licensing agreement with Lockheed Martin for the development and production of the TekShiled armor material developed by Lockheed...

OneWay Transparent Armor / Labock Industries

This transparent armor enables the occupants inside the vehicle to shoot out freely, while stopping projectiles coming from outside, from penetrating the shield. OneWay...